In France
Not subject to Standard 2345

1st Dry cleaning franchise

In France
Not subject to Standard 2345

More than 120 Pressing

open in France and around the world
Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels, Casablanca, ...

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Aqualogia is a franchise concept of eco-friendly dry cleaning that was born more than 14 years ago. Today, it is the first franchise brand of eco-friendly dry cleaners in France, having installed more than 130 franchises – Aqualogia eco-dry cleaners.

Operating by water, Aqualogia dry cleaners use biodegradable products with a unique cleaning quality.

Thanks to our experience in the field of franchise – ecological dry cleaning and our various technological advances, we have developed our own machine settings. A unique advantage that allows to treat all types of textiles including the most delicate: silk, virgin wool, mohair…

Our teams accompany you through the various stages of your franchise creation project, from the creation of your legal structure, through the landscaping work and training directly in your ecological dry cleaners.

Aqualogia Ecological Pressing

Aqualogia is a unique concept of a franchise – eco-friendly dry cleaner turnkey for those who want to create their own dry cleaner franchise.

With perfect control of water cleaning and the use of biodegradable products for a unique result, Aqualogia dry cleaners are not subject to the 2345 standard of classified facilities.

Do you want to launch your eco-friendly dry cleaning franchise? So don’t hesitate and join the franchise network Aqualogia!

Aqualogia provides its franchisees with quality equipment at the service of your dry cleaners, with “new generation” machines set by us for optimal washing.

You’ll benefit from a full range of modern, water-cleaning equipment and more. The use of high-end products make your dry cleaner a franchise – in the age of time.

Do you want to offer your customers a unique wash result that respects the environment? Join the Aqualogia network.

Becoming an Aqualogia franchisee means choosing the first franchise brand – eco-friendly dry cleaners in France with a turnkey concept at high margin (between 85 and 90% gross margin).

  • No stock
  • Few employees
  • Strong automation

Our expertise in the dry cleaners of 14 years makes Aqualogia, the pioneer of eco-friendly dry cleaning franchises in France. It is possible to become the owner of an environmentally friendly dry cleaner that makes clothes really clean.

Want to join the market-leading brand? Contact us and we will accompany you throughout your project!

Aqualogia’s teams accompany you every step of the way:

  • Setting up the financial file
  • Store technical plans
  • Sign plans and city hall authorization
  • Completing work with our team or team of your choice
  • Aqualogia process training

We create a website dedicated to your Aqualogia for your local referencing and we accompany you on your web communication.

Would you like to be accompanied by experts?
So let yourself be guided to open an eco-friendly dry cleaner!

Aqualogia, the leading franchise brand - eco-friendly in France