What are the advantages of Aqualogia’s eco-friendly dry cleaners? Why choose the Aqualogia network? Discover the specifics that make Aqualogia eco-dry cleaners an unparalleled business opportunity:

eco-friendly dry cleaners

— — — — — A high-performance, easy-to-use eco-friendly dry cleaner

With Aqualogia, strengthen your image as a dry cleaner. The Aqualogia system is a complete and turnkey concept of eco-friendly dry cleaners that allows you to process clothing and laundry.

Aqualogia is an ecological dry cleaner not subject to the very restrictive standard 2345 of classified facilities. The exceptional performance of Aqualogia dry cleaners is the result of more than 15 years of experience and a real mastery of water cleaning.

— — — — — Biodegradable and environmentally friendly washing products

The products used in an Aqualogia laundry dry cleaner are biodegradable and respect the environment, the user staff and of course your customers. Aqualogia is the certainty of having an ecological dry cleaner in tune with our time in a market in full renewal.

Aqualogia is also a range of professional eco-friendly products serving individuals. From eco-friendly laundry to sanitary de-catchers to dishwashing liquids. All these products are on sale in your aqualogia eco-dry cleaner, presented in a beautiful light showcase.

— — — — — Optimal water consumption with specific programs

When you start your operation, a technician comes to adjust your machines for programs dedicated to Aqualogia eco-friendly dry cleaners. This is particularly important because the quality of these settings directly affects the quality of the treatment of the garments.

In addition to these settings, specific programs are added for specific items, in order to have a perfectly adapted treatment.

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— — — — — Miele brand quality equipment for efficient eco-dry cleaners

To ensure quality washing, the Aqualogia network has Miele brand’s professional eco-cleaning cleaning cleaning machines, designed for a lifespan of 30,000 cycles. Specific settings and eco-friendly products allow optimal performance for minimum water consumption.